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Graham-Cracker crumbles in Framingham jail

WTKK-FM purveyor of verbal diarreah Michael Graham-Cracker, who has nothing but disdain for any government activity or employee, was arrested yesterday (February 13) after ignoring a government-owend red light while driving with a revoked drivers license. Michael Graham-Cracker’s booking photo The story was first reported in the MetroWest Daily News. Radio host arrested in Framingham on license charge

By John…

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Caroline W. Kennedy

(I don’t make a habit of promoting liberals here, but I thought people may want to discuss this topic. – promoted by DD4RP) Is Caroline Kennedy the Democratic George W. Bush? Both are children of presidents.

Both went off to college at their famous father’s alma mater.

Both held a series of jobs in which their prime qualification was their…

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Blue England

Have you ever been to Piscataquis County, Maine?  It is one of the largest counties (in area) east of the Mississippi River.  Baxter State Park and Moosehead Lake are in Piscataquis County.  Despite its huge size, this county has less than half the population (17,235) of Arlington.   Piscataquis County is the only county in the six New England states…

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Jay Severin jumps the shark

I am a left-leaning, tree-hugging Arlington liberal who enjoys an intellectual challenge from the other side.  That’s one of the reasons why I have been a frequent listener to Jay Severin.  However, the show has deteriorated beneath the point of listenability.  After the latest disappointment (a rant agianst Obama and the Fairness Doctrine), I sent off the following email directly…

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