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It’s SOOO Over

(But I do hope you all will continue devoting your time and energy and money to trying to turn the clock back to 1970.). McCain adviser calls on GOP to back gay marriage

Buzz up! Steve Schmidt, one of Sen. John McCain’s top advisers during the Republican’s presidential run, will make a speech today pressing the GOP to support gay…

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It’s Over

Took long enough, but Vermont has decided to cast its lot on the side of common sense and toe make gay marriage legal. This is INFINITELY more significant than the MA decision. No whining from the right about legislating from the bench and overturning the will of the people. I’m thrilled. I’m not a big fan of Obama, but seeing…

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Appoint this man to the NLRB!

Good to see JtP’s still on board.… I love Joe The comment thread is hilarious. I like one about the “where’s the beef” lady myself. I can understand that some better deserve better healthcare than others, that only certain types of relationships between consenting adults are priveleged, that America is the by-goddest-most-bestest country EVER thanks enttirely to the GOP.…

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Oh, Bobby

Someone should have reminded Jindal that, uhhh, those Republican plans he’s talking about  … we just had eight years of them. Ahem. Man, I’ve heard a lot about this guy, but he comes across like a used car salesman. Unimpressed. Gimme Newt any day. Meanwhile, Obama’s gonna cure cancer. Yup. While he cuts the deficit in half. Remind me of…

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