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Deval Pushed To Edge Of Darkness

Is Deval Patrick actualy reversing his position on offering tax incentives to movie makers? One needn’t ponder too long in search of the reason why after taking in the latest Mel Gibson film “Edge of Darkness”.

Mel’s film does give the bay state the anticipated exposure however its the type of exposure that left me rolling … I counted at…

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Tim Cahill

(It is time for a Tim Cahill Open Thread.  Here it is.  Don’t hold anything back. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) The latest release from Cahill goes like this: State Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill rebuffed Governor Patrick’s recent loan proposal and expressed serious concern over its affect on the economy. Cahill states, “The governor’s proposal will not…

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Barney Frank To Conjure Entirely New Housing Market

While we focus on the thousands of pork laden pages contained in the governments attempt to “reinvent” the entire health care sector, evidently Barney Frank has been having a different day dream.

This morning I read that he is in the process of conjuring up a scheme to do away with the disasterous firms Fannie and Freddy AND instead create…

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Bank Of America: My Obligatory Rant

We got our quarterly statement from BOA yesterday and I though I would take a break from raising hell on the phone to share the details with you all.

Two years ago we opened a CD account with Countrywide Bank as they offered an attractive interest rate at the time.

Of course that bank was siezed by the fed about…

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