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Jimmy Carters Second Term

Some interesting tidbits about all the progress we have made since the 70s. Fans of big government are sure to be thrilled to see this graphic .. … and to think a good chunk of that time was spent under the thoughtful guidance of the GOP. For you MTA sheeple looky here at this fullfilled dream of a lifetime, very…

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Niki Tsongas: Economic Conservative

Anyone who doubts that Tea Partiers are having a voice in the national discourse need look no further than the growing list of newly minted economic conservatives, a group who’s unabashed concern for our growing debts are; well …. read Niki’s letter yourself. Dear Friends, Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved “pay-as-you-go,” legislation which I have advocated for since coming…

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Government Jobs Report Reveals Stimulus Is Reviving Economy

This morning, the government surprised analysts and released data indicating that the unemployment rate for January FELL SHARPLY DOWN TO 9.7%.This adds more fuel to the argument that government stimulus has indeed produced the desired benifit to the job market but has just taken a little longer than expected to kick in.… Looking inside todays numbers we see that…

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Bailout Charley: Crony Capitalism Comes Home To Roost

Is anyone else just a tad sickened by Mr Baker being given an entirely free pass at embellishing his otherwise blank publicly viewable resume?

I think its far past time that we take a closer look at Mr Bakers lengthy list of accomplishments. While we know very little about his backroom dealings at the Pioneer Institute, we do know a…

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