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Bench Scott Brown

Watching Scott Brown act as Senator is about as exciting as listening to his egocentric offspring perform with Tony Orlando.

Enough already.

This morning, I read that Brown sided with democrats in passing yet another unemployment extension without source for funding.

A chicken in every pot and a lollypop for one and all.

This is conservatism?

In the same…

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Bank Reform: Coming Attraction?

Without providing a link, I’m sure many of you are reading that the democrat Bank Reform is setting up to be the next “great debate”, probably occuring while the health care “debate” continues.

Similarly, the GOP is again setting up to oppose changes that the dems will be trying to ram through. However this time public opinion will be a…

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Mary Landrieu: Coming Home Day ..

Now that “the fix” is in, lets visit with Senator Landrieu for a moment as she returns home to tell her constituents about the great deal that she has gotten for the good people of Louisiana. In next weeks episode we will be off to Nebraska where Senator Ben Nelson will discover that he ……

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Tear Jerker

Boo hoo. The company refused to pick up the entire increase in health care costs and wouldnt give them a big enough pay increase.

So now these guys are out harrassing the customers, you know, those people forking over the extra 10-20% price markup that supports these oafs comfortable existance.

My bet is that the customers find the Market Basket…

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IRS Form M

A quick heads up for those of you who, like myself, do their own taxes.

Remember last years stimulus when the powers that be gave us a whopping 7$ bucks a week in the form of slightly reduced payroll deductions?

Well as it turns out, while they did reduce the taxes taken out of our paychecks, they never actualy got…

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