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Coming Soon: Spike in “Almost New” Dishwasher sales

Ah, the “Great Appliance Exchange”. Where have you gone?

In just a matter of moments, 6.6 million dollars in “rebate reservations” were gobbled up leaving people clamoring and the government promising another round in this “succesful” program.

So one might wonder … a succesful government program, how is that possible?

Here is the big secret. Give money away and people…

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For The Children: Lawrence Update

In a refreshing twist of justice, recently “retired” school superintendent William Laboy has finaly recieved that severance package that he had worked into his contract; payment of 77,000$ for supposedly unused sick and personal time that he had somehow managed to accumulate. I say somehow because apparently he was rarely seen actualy at his job due to the concerns he…

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Ask Christy !

I have noticed that Christy Mihos is still amongst us posting from time to time.

I know I have a number of questions for Mr Mihos, as I am sure others here also have, so lets start some converstaion … My question: Christy: Following this weekends events, and your apparent new found embrace of all that is Baker, are you…

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Save Us From Climate Change!

Now for something we CAN all agree on.

As many of you are aware there currently is occuring in Iceland a massive and lasting eruption of a volcano whos name I cannot pronounce. “Experts” are thus far unable to even offer a guestimate as to how long the eruption will continue and they are now hinting that a second even…

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A Blessing In Disguise for Democrats? Scott Brown

Its evidently not just me that has been dissapointed with Scott Brown’s performance thus far. It is now front page news on Yahoo. Has Scott Brown turned out to be a blessing in disguise for congressional Democrats? As for Brown, his votes supporting Democratic initiatives are just part of his coming to full awareness of what it means to serve…

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