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The Real Boston Tea Party

Here is a challenge to any historians out there.

I recently stumbled across an article about the Boston Tea Party that went counter to what I have been consistantly taught up to this point. I have always been led to believe that the tea party was a local revolt against a tax increase by the British Crown. This article claims…

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Chapter Land: How to Legaly Avoid Property Tax In Mass.

A little know subchapter in the Massachusetts experience is the concept of “chapter land”.

By using it, people who own substantial chunks of land, plots over 5 acres, can pay virtualy no property tax simply by once a year signing a statement saying that they used that land for “farming” purposes.

When I look around my community, I see numerous…

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Western Capitalism In Decline

Simply, on Harvard Square and at Kings College, where tenured professors supported by the wealth of dead people inbreed and define our values — remember where Barack Obama learned about law and economics — the intelligentsia has decided IT entrepreneurs, financiers and Hollywood stars should be paid more than God.

The rest of us, suffering this abuse, should be satisfied…

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My Obligatory Gulf Oil Spill Rant …

I cant help myself. Like many of you, I have been anxiously watching the ongoing “top kill” procedure this week in the Gulf and what I am watching is beginning to get under my skin.

First off, isnt it refreshing to see that it only took the nations brightest minds a little over six weeks to figure out that its…

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