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My Obligatory Gulf Oil Spill Rant …

I cant help myself. Like many of you, I have been anxiously watching the ongoing “top kill” procedure this week in the Gulf and what I am watching is beginning to get under my skin.

First off, isnt it refreshing to see that it only took the nations brightest minds a little over six weeks to figure out that its…

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Commonwealth Awards Striking Workers Unemployment Benefits

(This is just wrong.  The Patrick administration must answer for this.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) On March 7th, 300 Shaw’s workers walked off of their jobs in a dispute with the company over its plan to increase the workers contribution to their healthcare plans by around 20$ per week.

The union has been picketing stores and…

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No Experience Required: Obama’s Supreme Court

Now here is some change that we all can believe in.

Supreme court opening, no experience required. Yeah .. now we’re talking The White House is expected to frame Kagan’s lack of service as a judge in upbeat terms, underscoring that there are many qualified routes to the top of the judiciary.

Kagan, who is unmarried, was born in New…

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Stop Feeding The PIIGS

Unfortunate, you say, and too bad for Europe. Though it might mean a cheap vacation in the Eurozone, you still hope they solve their problems. Anyway, President Obama and congress told us we are out of our crisis, so why does the European mess matter? Well, keep three things in mind as you try to make sense of scant information…

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