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US Post Office Closures Averted ….

In a “surpise” last minute bi-partison goody give away, it appears that the necesary funding required to further subsidize the post office has somehow been found.

Positive changes to the USPS’s joke business model can now be scrapped in favor of the usual and annual government dole and once again we taxpayers can expect that “bill in the mail”.


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Your Stimulus Dollars At Work ..

After all the bailouts and “quantitive easing” it appears that finaly corporations are beginning to loosen up on all of the accumulated cash that they have been hoarding.

At least one of them is General Electric Co. plans to invest more than $2 billion in China in technology and financial service ventures and research, adding 1,000 jobs in a country…

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The Face Of Question 3 Opposition

So who exactly is this concerned pub owner? You know, the pub owner who is so concerned about how a reduction in our sales tax would hurt his community. I thought it was kind of odd that a local businessman was supporting a high sales tax, albeit not a meals tax … It turns out pub ownership, is only a…

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Math Moment: Is $12.4 billion less than $11.6 billion?

Ah, the value of a good education ….

Time to test your math skills by comparing them against those of our very own teachers union …. Pop quiz Is $12.4 billion really less than $11.6 billion? With regards to state spending on public schools … Teachers Union writes: “billions of dollars in spending cuts have already been made during this…

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Meet NY Governor Candidate Jimmy McMillan

He is appearing on the ballot as the candidate of the “Rent Is Too Damn High” party. Here he is at a recent debate. Which brings about the question …

Why is rent so damn high, or housing costs in general? And why is it so important to our government to keep these costs so damn high that they will…

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