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100,000 Fines

Does this type of thing set anyone else of or is it just me?… snip)

Nearly 100,000 Massachusetts taxpayers have been fined for failing to obtain health insurance, even as a major survey concludes the effort to create near-universal coverage in the state is meeting key goals Happy Trails Comrades!…

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Raining Dandelions ..

This is a new one to me.

Is it normal to be raining dandelion seeds for like a week at a time ,,,, thick to the point of making breathing awkward and coating the ground white like a dusting of snow?

I hate dandelions 🙂…

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The McCain Health Care Plan ..

This plan was released in the past few days and as yet I dont think it has been discussed here.

In a nutshell his plan is to decouple insurance with employment by eliminating the tax break employers now enjoy as an enticement to offer their employees the benifit. He would replace this with a 5000$ tax credit to individuals to…

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McCain Pandering on Gas Tax Suspension

(I don’t care what McCains reason is.  A Tax Cut is a Pay Raise… – promoted by Cool Cal) As many of you are aware, the Senator has joined Hillary in calling for the temporary suspension of the federal (18 cent) tax on gasoline for the summer driving season.

McCain is just plain wrong on this one.

This shameless pandering,…

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