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Franklin Delano Bush

I am simply shocked! .. Well not realy but that doesnt make me any less disgusted.… –snip — “Surprise! The Fed and the Treasury have announced a huge bailout of corporate state enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That is, Americans will suffer more inflation and taxation for the benefit of the power elite. Bush Canute commands the tide,…

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Wall-E (The Movie)

The dreaded day is here … my wife insists that we go to see this lame-o hollywierd offering. Has anyone out there endured this animated delight yet?

Rumour is that it is just another Algore friendly ecological-propoganda brainwashing aimed at the pre teen crowd (to help with that early year indoctrination)… but on the duller and slower side than most…

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The Time Machine …

Here is a great big hypothetical for you all to ponder.

Let’s say that someone invented a time machine and that they installed them at all the local neighborhood quickie marts, where for 9.99$ you could step on board the machine and be transported to any point in time that you wished.

The only catch is, it is a one…

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Mufflers For Motorcycles!

What say ye … Is it about time someone thought it might be a good idea to hold motorcycle operators to the same flipping noise standards as everyone else or is it just so exciting to see fat bald people sitting on their hogs that you enjoy hearing them coming from 3 miles away (all day and NIGHT!)


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