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HomeLand Security Hacked

Once again it appears we are getting the biggest bang for our buck … One Heck of a Job!

At least it sounds like someone still has a sense of humor …. ***********************************************

{snip} A hacker broke into a Homeland Security Department telephone system over the weekend and racked up about $12,000 in calls to the Middle East and Asia.…

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From The “Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That” File… OXFORD- The tall custodian with a shy smile, striking blue eyes and softly waved salt-and-pepper hair wears a gray T-shirt, as do all school custodians in town. In previous years, students at Clara Barton Elementary School knew him as Brian Bonin. However, starting this year, they will know him as Brianna Bonin. Parents of all pupils at the school…

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A Day In The Life Of Obama’s Energy Policy ..

Oh what a day yesterday was, if you are a big fan of pandering that is ..

First. Obama proposed that we no longer need to concern ourselves about the high cost of energy when he proposed that the government send us an immediate “emergency” $1000 energy rebate!

And then, to outdo himself, he later reversed his long standing aversion…

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Winning The Illegal Immigration Battle ..

And now comes to us a report illustrating the gains that are being made with regards to the illigal immigration problem since the botched amnesty bill failed passage a few years ago.

Evidently, according to this report, self deportation is becoming the norm, thanks in large part to workplace enforcement and border control enhancements.

…. And some said it couldnt…

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The Commonwealth: Captivating or Simply held Captive

( – promoted by Cool Cal) shh … be sure not to speak too loudly about any of this, but rumour has it that the Patrick administration is now in talks and holding hearings trying to settle on a plan to stabilize the MTA. Evidently the thinking at this point falls into two camps; one wishing to raise the state…

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