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BushCo Severance Pay …

Times are hard and it is only fitting that BushCo should be looking after “the team” as their reign of terror mercifully draws to a long overdue close.

If nothing else, one has to give them credit for gall.

Never before has a theft of this magnitude been proposed and to my knowledge no one has ever had the foresight…

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“Dispossesion By Decree”

Picture the world financial market as a hugely overbuilt skyscraper resting on a badly compromised foundation. The core pillars supporting the structure are rotten and about to collapse, and the failure of any one would rapidly induce failure in all of them. The sensible approach would be to get as far as possible from the impending collapse. The Power Elite’s…

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Have you heard the news? … At the bequest of Bushco, Ben Bernanke and other administration officials are going to team up with Barney Frank and Chuckie Schumer and fast track a new “entity” which will buy up companies bad assets (at taxpayer expense) and then attempt to sell off said “bad assets”.

I am imagining something like the “Barney…

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HEY Bernanke …. INJECT ME!

Has the old world order officialy been replaced?

Can we now at least stop pretending to be free market capitalists and finaly proclaim once and for all that we are now OFFICIALY a fascist state run by tyrants and maintained through propogandists?

I mean, dont recent events match the exact definition of fascism?

I just looked at my checking account…

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Comrade Bush Watch: A New Kind of Deal

Every generation has brought us at least one leader who has broken with the status quo and offered us something completly different.

In my grandparents time there was FDR and his “new deal”. My parents generation witnesed LBJ and his “great society”.

And not to be outdone we are this summer seeing  unfold, GWB and his “offer you cant refuse”.…

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