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Obama Just Bought Me a New Central Air Unit

And we arent even realy friends.

Still Obama went ahead and payed 30% of the cost of my new central air conditioning setup. What a pal.

This summer while I am kicking back in full climate controled comfort, I will take the time to reflect a moment on just why the heck Obama felt it was so important to help…

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Mandatory Health Insurance to go Nationwide?

From what I am reading its sounds as though Pelosi & Company have become so excited by results from the Massachusetts test balloon, that they are about to roll out a national version of the “Buy it or Pay Fines” health insurance plan.

After all, look at how much more affordable health insurance has become here in the commonwealth since…

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Deval Patrick Considers Supreme Court Posting?

Will he or Wont he?

He’d make such a good Supreme, dont ya think? ++snip++

“told the Associated Press today that he’s “120 percent” focused on running again and doesn’t plan to replace Souter.

But asked if that’s different from saying he’s not interested in an appointment to the court, Patrick demurred, only saying he wants to do his current…

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Remember to Observe Earth Hour Tonight (8:30)

.. In the way that you choose of course. Personaly, I plan on flipping on every spotlight that I have beginning at 8:30 PM just to show my concerns regarding supposed climate change and my enthusiasm for voluntary rolling brown outs.

Besides, isnt it better to celebrate the planet in a lighted environment that allows one to actualy see it.…

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