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Government Lies: There is NO CREDIT CRUNCH

Fresh off the presses; Enjoy!… “Everyone knows that U.S. banks have virtually stopped lending, deeply slashing their loans to U.S. consumers and firms. As is so often the case, however, what everyone knows is probably not true.” “Contrary to many comments, consumer and industrial loans actually increased in the latest week. Troubled giant banks have cut back on lending,…

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Perot Releases “Main Street” Bailout Plan

While the US congress debates ways to slip out of town after delivering Hank Paulson his demands, others continue to put forth actual workable ideas. I just got an email from the Ross Perot people detailing a different approach.

Some good stuff in here (and some bad) and it would cost us NOTHING!…


The Main Street Rescue Plan…

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Bush Bailout Rescues Chinese Banks

People are still questioning this?

It is written into the bailout bill in plain English; yet people are in voluntary denial and debate among themselves all the imaginary egalatarian reasons to support this theft.

If this does not make you furious than you are just plain dense and unworthy of any consideration.

They took your jobs, they took your home…

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