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State Budget Cuts?

Deval is supposed to be announcing actual budget cuts sometime today. I heard that local aid would not be slashed (this time).

Is anyone else shocked that Devals automatic instinct wasnt to raise taxes? This is unheard of. Being a skeptic I am guessing that this will prove to be a temporary ploy to bide time until AFTER the elections…

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Question 2 Discussions?

I recently read someplace that question 2, a referendum proposal to decriminalize possesion of marijuana, was polling roughly at a draw.

I have seen little discussion of this question so far here on RMG so I will attempt to stir the pot …. Thoughts?…

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Paul Krugman Wins Noble Prize for Economics ..

Reaching an ever higher level of comedic genious, the awarders of the Noble prize have outdone themselves with today’s selection for the prize in economics.

While this selection is certain to incur the wrath of other noteworthies, such as the brilliant physisist and ECONOMIST Algore they never the less went ahead and awarded the Noble Prize in Economics to ……

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Kerry Challenges Beatty To Two Debates

( – promoted by Cool Cal) Senator Kerry’s campaign announced today that the Senator had challenged Republican Jeff Beatty to 2 hour-long debates, one on TV and one on radio, and that Beatty had accepted.

The Senator’s campaign manager, Roger Lau, issued a statement:

“Now more than ever,  blah blah blah ” `lifted from the pages of bmg  …

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Niki Tsongas’ Reply to Constituants ..

(More from Congressman McGovern (Socialist-Cuba) in the comments – promoted by Cool Cal) After a week of casting devestating votes on behalf of the 5th congressional district Niki has finaly written to let us know why she felt so compelled to defy her constituants and go against the advise of the concord coaltion by supporting the Pork Fed Bailout Bill…

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