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Young Frankenstein ..

As I sit in front of my television (ie .. idiot box) revelling in all the glory that is to be America’s and Obama’s “historic” day, I cant help but be reminded of that scene from the movie Young Frankenstein when that creation comes to life.

“Its A-live”

Obama is a media creation after all, so it seems only fitting…

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That OTHER US Senate Raffle ..

Is it just me or is anyone else starting to get just a tad ticked off as yet another Kennedy spawn is being set up for a life of entirely unearned and unentitled influence on the national policy stage?

Once again this morning I got to watch as the national media ooohed and awwwwwed at the prospect of a Senator…

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A Farewell Kiss

(Who throws a shoe? Honestly! You fight like a woman! – Austin Danger Powers. – promoted by DD4RP) El Presidente was featured today dodging footware being thrown by a greatful liberated Iraqi journalist ..

Evidently the words the journalist was  yelling translate to “here is a farewell kiss, you dog”…

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Any Good Storm Stories?

Thank goodness for cordwood, although I would like to add a tip of the hat to the power guys that managed to get our lights turned back on in less than a day (despite the general chaos).

Best of luck to those still lining up at the dunkin’ donuts 🙂…

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Oh Boo Hoo

I just got banned from BMG for pointing out that the ownership of the overwhelming majority of media outlets are Jewish.

I guess that simply noticing that fact qualifies as hate speach.

I am repenatent.

Goldman Sachs truly is deserving of every penny that we collectivly can scrape up but not even a crumb should be considered for GM or…

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