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Fact Check: Health Insurers Are Barely Profitable Now?

Here is a little known fact that is being lost in all of the rhetoric that is being tossed about in the effort to expand government.

Todays insurers are not lavishing in excess profits as democrat leaders cajole us into believing.

As our media dutifuly reenforces this steroetype at every given opportunity, apparently these businesses are struggling just to remain…

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Fed Fumbles Again … Swine Flu Vaccines

Once again federal officials are outdoing themselves when demonstrating their level of incompetance. Those who see themselves as capable of taking over operation of the entire healthcare system are turning the distribution of H1N1 vaccine into a comedy worthy of Moe, Larry and Curly.

Schedualed clinics are now being canceled with no advance notice and it is estimated that by…

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No Global Warming Jokes?

I would have thought that with yesterdays all day snow storm and the spectacle that the football game in Foxboro turned into, that there would have been at least one global warming joke for me to peruse.

I guess it is up to me to throw out that joke then. Hmmm Okay I have one.

Its in two parts. The…

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Another of Obama’s Buddies In Handcuffs

… and he never looked better IMO.

Next Up, Charlie Rangel. Rajaratnam, 52, was ranked No. 559 by Forbes magazine this year among the world’s wealthiest billionaires, with a $1.3 billion net worth. According to the Federal Election Commission, he is a generous contributor to Democratic candidates and causes. The FEC said he made over $87,000 in contributions to President…

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