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New Charlie Baker Camaign Ad?

An ad like this would be a heck of a good way for Charlie Baker to get his brand out there onto the street. It could be called “24 Hours” which is how long it took for this flip flop, a term most “Rinos” know all too well. 🙂 …. BIG HUG …..…

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Going Away Party For Senator Kirk

It occured to me that with all the excitement leading up to tommorows election, noone has thought to take a moment to give a shout out to our beloved departing Senator Paul Kirk. This, after all, is the final evening that he will be spending as a United States Senator, so when would be a more appropriate time to thank…

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Re-Inventing Tiger Woods

This morning the folks at Yahoo! graced their front page with the story titled “How Tiger Woods can remake his Image”.

Are they kidding? Is it just me or is this a done deal? Is Tiger Woods now doomed to suffer the fate of being hopelessly “typecast”?

While it is true that his lucrative endorsement career may not be over,…

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