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End of lifetime tenure?

The headline of this article focus on the inclusion of MCAS results in the evaluation proposed by the MTA today.  However, the piece I found most interesting (and encouraging) relates to the ability to remove poor performing teachers WITH PROFESSIONAL STATUS: (Teachers) that do poorly would be put on a one-year improvement plan and be dismissed if they fail to…

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How about another special election??

(#33?  Potential candidates should start lining up support now. – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) Could Natick, Millis, and Sherborn see a 3rd special election in just over a year?  If Rep. David Linsky is appointed as Middlesex Sheriff, the answer will be yes. State Rep. David Linsky said yesterday he has been approached by several law enforcement officials asking…

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Teacher Union Bailout tied to Military funds

Accross the state, the MTA representatives are asking teachers and school committee members to reach out to Sen. Brown’s office for help in getting the Harkin “Education Jobs Fund” bill passed.  Sen. Harkin was originally going to attach this bill to the emergency military funding.  However, he “couldn’t get 60 votes”.  So, he is going to rely on the house…

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