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I also have found the MIHOS PAGE TO BE DOWN

It is rather strange that the MIHOS page is down, because usually gubernatorial campaigns maintain very high end tech staff to prevent this sort of thing.  I too logged in to CHRISTY2010 and was brought to and then some ad links such as how much a 2010 Chevy Camaro costs.

I’m sure Christy’s web / campaign manager, Joe Manzoli,…

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Christy is Running against CHARLIE PARKER??? Tisei Raising HUGE dollars.

Interesting story from SUNDAY BOSTON HERALD.  Here’s the text.  Pretty brief.  I’ll leave it there.  The MIHOS supporters can then post all their comments on how none of this matters, Christy will win,I’m an evil blogger, etc. etc. etc.  But the article is substantive and worth consideration and thought.  Merry Christmas – and if anyone wants me to say Happy…

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There’s something rotten in Denmark….at

I’ll weigh in on the debate that seems to be going on about the mihos internet page.  someone wrote that it’s stagnant, and then someone, obviously Christy or someone from his campaign, rebutted that’s it’s not.  The rebuttal is FALSE.  As first written, the page DOES in fact show an article from the HERALD from OCTOBER 5.  That’s what’s there…

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