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Stopa: Support Keiko Orrall for National Committeewoman

I really don’t know any Republican office holder or Party operative in Massachusetts whom I respect as much as I respect Keiko Orrall. And I can’t think of any one whom I like as much as I like Keiko, either. So when she called me to tell me she was standing for National Committeewoman my only serious question was: “how…

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Donald Trump for President

Every political campaign and every political candidate is to some degree a stool sitting on three legs: character, knowledge and policy. What kind of person is the candidate, what abilities does he or she bring to the office, and what are the policy positions which the candidate takes? I have had some very good and thoughtful conservative friends (I won’t…

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Janet Leombruno for State Committee

There seems to be a storm raging in Massachusetts. Charlie versus the grassroots. Red on red. Allow me to opt out of the battle. My sympathies are divided. That said there is one person I can recommend to the Republicans of Massachusetts and especially those in Framingham and surrounding areas and that is Janet Leombruno. Janet is running for reelection…

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