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Jeff Perry: Why he is under attack

The reason the left is coming so hard after Jeff Perry is because he is a threat.  He is not just a threat to win, but a threat to the entire liberal narrative of Massachusetts politics.  His election would be a game changer for conservatives in Massachusetts and they know it.  Let’s compare Jeff Perry to the other prominent Republicans…

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Boston Globe/UNH: Keating 37%, Perry 33%%, Lewis 3%, Sheets 2%… MA-10: Keating 37%, Perry 33%%, Lewis 3%, Sheets 2%

MA-4: Frank 46%, Bielat 33% Perry and Bielat both lead among registered Unenrolled voters, self described independents, those extremely interested in the election, and those excited about the November election.  Bielat has a larger obstacle to overcome largely due to the makeup of his district. Also in today’s Globe, they…

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Boston Globe/UNH: Patrick 43%, Baker 39%, Cahill 8%, Stein 2%

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)… Governor: Patrick 43%, Baker 39%, Cahill 8%, Stein 2%

Treasurer: Grossman 39%, Polito 37%

Auditor: Bump 33%, Connaughton 32%

Attorney General: Coakley 56%, McKenna 35%

Congressional Ballot Test:  Dem 47%, GOP 35% Q1 (Alcohol Tax Rollback): Yes 37%, No 52%

Q2 (“Affordable Housing”): Yes 24%, no 58%

Q3 (Sales Tax Rollback):…

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Real Clear Politics Tipping Point.

http://www.realclearpolitics.c… The “Real Clear Politics” congressional ratings has hit the tipping point earlier today.  They officially have 37 congressional races rate as a “tossup” nationwide, including Jeff Perry’s race in the MA-10.  The Republican party now needs to win NONE of these races to take control of the House of Representatives.  220 seats are already in the Republican column with…

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WNE College: Patrick 44%, Baker 36%, Cahill 8%, Stein 5%… With Leaners: Patrick 44%, Baker 36%, Cahill 8%, Stein 5%

Without Leaners: Patrick 40%, Baker 34%, Cahill 7%, Stein 4% Charlie Baker leads 6% among Independents and has the highest level of “very sure” support at 81%.  Charlie Baker leads among Republicans, Independents, and Men.  Patrick leads among Democrats and Women.  By Geography, Baker leads in the North Shore/South…

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