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Suffolk/7 News: Patrick 46%, Baker 39%, Cahill 9%, Stein 2%

Governor: Patrick 46%, Baker 39%, Cahill 9%, Stein 2%

Attorney General: Coakley 57%, McKenna 31%

Secretary of State:  Galvin 49%, Campbell 18%, Henderson (U) 5%

Treasurer: Grossman 39%, Polito 36%

Auditor: Bump 28%, Connaughton 26%, Fortune (G-R) 5% Q1 (Alcohol Tax Rollback): For 44%, Against 47%

Q3 (Sales Tax Rollback): For 39%, Against 51% Marginals:…

Cross-Tabs:… MORE BELOW…

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Joe Manchin Commercial

A quick aside for the side column here.  What if a Republican ran this ad?  He is literally shooting Obama’s agenda with a rifle.  The media would crucify him.  There would be allegations of supporting assassination.  Of course, the media wants this guy to win because he’s a Democrat.  The silence is deafening. Don’t get me wrong.  I am glad…

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