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The National Media is Clearly Insane

According to the Washington Post, there are currently 8 Republicans running for the United States Senate right now here in Massachusetts for the 2014 General Election. They are as follows: Bob Hedllund

Brian Kerr (Not to be confused with Brian Herr…)

Daniel Winslow

Frank Addivinola

Michael Sullivan

Rick Green

Sheila Harrington

Tom Hodgson I sh*t you not.… Frank Addivinola…

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Tisei should Boycott GOP Money.

Richard Tisei is so left wing, he is now boycotting a Republican State Convention where Charlie Baker will receive around 90% of the vote. Why? Because of a party platform that doesn’t even mention gays? Has he ever read the National Party Platform? It’s far more conservative than the MassGOP one. I seriously doubt he will boycott the millions of…

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(Check the comments more GOPers have been added. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Due to the Senate Primary, many municipal governments have aligned their local elections on the same day as the US Senate Primary.  Many of these towns even require you to come back to pick up a separate and different ballot. To be clear, you may…

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Mike Sullivan: Most Electable

Here in Massachusetts many Republican voters care about only one thing:  Who can win?  In the special election for US Senate the answer to that question is obvious.  It is Mike Sullivan. Many people like to throw out their own hypothetical hypotheses concerning electability, but only one thing actually proves electabilty:  Winning elections.  Michael Sullivan has done exactly that.…

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