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MASSterList: Honchos head to DC for bio con – Secret budget talks yet to result in a budget – Atten

  FRANKENTINI: Everybody's in D.C. hanging out with biotech firms, probably schmoozing and drinking genetically modified daiquiris on the roof of the convention center. (HeraldBBJ)  BUDGET?: No budget. Super secret conference talks continue. (Sun) This is like the 'Chinese Democracy' of budgets. CONSERVATIVE CAMELOT: This Texan wants a Romney-Perry ticket in 2012. HEALTH: Gov. Patrick yesterday called for

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MASSterList: Waiting for a budget – More Whitey – Redist. plan calls for Lawrence to change hands –

WHITEY: The big news is still Whitey and the wait for further legal action. (WBUR) ELEVENTH HOUR: Anyone seen the budget? It's got to be around here somewhere. (MetroWestGlobe) LATIN VOTE: A Latino advocacy group is suggesting moving Lawrence from Sen. Finegold's district to Sen. Baddour's to maximize the Latino vote.(Eagle Trib.) SPORTS!: More drinking,

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MASSterList: Pressure on DeLeo – Big 3 gear up for Gambling – Final budget looms – Barrios quits –

In the wake of the DiMasi conviction, the all eyes are on Speaker Robert DeLeo and the rest of the Legislature when it comes to dealings with lobbyists and how the sausage gets made. (Herald) Don't worry everybody, Rep. Richard Bastien is here to save the Fourth of July, the day we commemorate how George Washington killed General Howe with…

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MASSterList: DiMasi trial enters closing arguments – Patrick hands out manager raises – Mitt to ski

HEADED FOR VENUS: It's the final countdown for the DiMasi corruption trial.Closing arguments are beginning right now (AP).Prosecutors tell DiMasi family not to worry. (Herald) THURSDAY DROP: The Patrick administration forgot what day of the week it was yesterday and released news that the Gov is giving three percent raises to state managers (Globe). MORE: AP, …

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MASSterList: Compromise gambling bill expected – Transgender rights bill heard – Patrick nom reje

(Please let me know if this looks cleaner to you all. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

SUFFOLK UPS: Here comes the cha-ching – Herald says a "compromise" gambling bill is on the way. LEGISLATURE: The transgender rights bill is back in the spotlight on Beacon Hill. (Globe) PATRICK: The Governor's Council rejects a Patrick nominee for the first…

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