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Imagine if Scott Brown ran his campaign this crazy way. If they did, Martha would be senator.

I’m getting conflicting information from the MIHOS campaign.  In an eblast that I just got to, they write of their desire to correct serious mistakes in recent BOSTON GLOBE reporting. Therefore, it’s reasonable to presume that a correction letter is going to be perfectly correct.  Right? The letter writes that the press guy, whose name I can’t spell, submitted a…

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Judge Liens Mihos office/campaign office – Mihos tells Herald he’s “thrilled about the outcome.”

Boston Herald reports that a superior court judge has liened business assets of Christy Mihos, including his 105 Pleasant Street Christys office, which also serve as his campaign headquarters.  The judge granted motion of Gas delivery company which has been trying since June of 2009 they say in court docs to collect more than $600,000 they say Mihos owes them.…

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MIHOS is finally seeing there is a senate race.

Former Independent candidate for governor Christy Mihos, now running as a Republican, has announced in an email to his rag-tag group of supporters that he’s bringing back his long dormant web cast to encourage support for Scott Brown.  Sure, there are TV ads on every second and the christy web page broadcast is what will make the difference.  Yeah, sure…

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State House News Service reports new Baker poll showing him 2 points behind guv

Text of State House News Service article as follows –

BAKER RIGHT BEHIND PATRICK, GALVIN MEASURES UP IN NEW POLL: Republican candidate for governor Charles Baker trails Gov. Deval Patrick by just two points in a new poll, which also found that Secretary of State William Galvin, a Democrat, measures up competitively against Baker and Treasurer Tim Cahill.  The polls…

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BROWN WIN will be a HUGE boost to BAKER

So here I am watching FOX NEWS and another GREAT interview with Scott Brown, who is an avid supporter of our next governor Charlie Baker.  I’m convinced SCOTT wins this next week.  His debate last night was a ten out of ten, and Martha – can’t even get the state police to endorse her – Coakley looked like a deer…

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BTW, what was with the MELT DOWN MOMENT.  I’ve never heard anything so undignified in my life.  During the Charlie Baker interview on RKO last night Christy Mihos called in as one of the callers, ranting and raving that Charlie used his job in state government to jump to Harvard health care and get them a bailout.  It was a…

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