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Tisei-Tierney-Fishman Debate Coverage:

Did anyone attend the big MassInc. debate in Lynn yesterday? Is today’s coverage a fair representation of what was said? The Globe lead with Tierney’s tired “assault”. LYNN – Republican challenger Richard R. Tisei said he could work with Democrats, but Democratic US Representative John F. Tierney scoffed at that assertion, in a 6th Congressional District debate today. “I have…

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Who knew? Teamsters corrupt!

(Mass Democrat Communications Director Kevin Franck would like you to know the Mass Dems are cooperating with the investigation.   Good to know! – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) Did anyone see this coming? The Teamsters apparently do not disappoint. Where was Coakley? Four former members of the Teamsters union were charged Wednesday with running an extortion racket going back…

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One party state’s role in the war on drugs. What was MA air national guard doing in NH?

Deval Patrick’s National Guard was busy in New Hampshire around 2009. The Free Staters took notice. A story about jury nullification and the war on drugs. “What disturbed jurors most was testimony that a Massachusetts National Guard helicopter hovering over Darrell’s Barnstead home in 2009 had discovered the marijuana plants he was growing for what was described as religious and…

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Scott Brown kicked ass!

(This is your post debate open thread. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Based on what I heard on the radio Scott Brown demolished Professor Warren in the first debate of the campaign for U.S. Senate. The Democrats did not vet their Senate candidate.…

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