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How Conservative Was Jack Kemp?

In light of the coarse and unrefined assault on Rep. Paul Ryan by ankle biters like Howie Carr and Ann Coulter, we can find some solace in an honest assessment of former Rep. Jack Kemp, the happy warrior and mentor to Speaker Ryan. The public square is a bit empty since the passing of Kemp whose ideas transcended race, class,…

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Idea for liberals: Divest from Smith & Wesson of Springfield

With the imperious President speaking on his new work-around the U.S. Constitution on gun rights, there’s a local beneficiary of all those well-outworn cliches about gun violence: Springfield’s Smith & Wesson. The Massachusetts company saw its stock value increase by 525% in the past five years — which coincide totally with the Obama’s reign of misrule. The one-we’ve-been-waiting-for is…

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Pay attention to what Warren Buffet does, not what his liberal supporters believe

Warren Buffet is outspoken in his tax policy views, which earns him praise from fellow liberals. But Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway always acts in its self-interest when it comes to corporate profits and protecting its turf. Case in point: Nevada’s rejection of solar subsidies for net-metering.  In this battle, wunderkind Elon Musk loses to Warren Buffet, who does the “right”…

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