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Secretary of State Candidate, Republican David D’Arcangelo is making incumbent Bill Galvin sweat

Remember Bill Galvin, a creature of Beacon Hill, believes he is entitled to the Secretary of State’s office. He’s the opposite of the innovative public official. David D’Arcangelo, an at-large Malden city councilor is part of a new generation of forward thinking elected officials. He doesn’t have the size of Galvin’s campaign chest but he has a lot of heart.…

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Is the GOP being hypocritical by singling out Ex-Im Bank and ignoring the tax code?

I disagree with Steve Pearlstein but behind the cute logic and sophistry, he makes some good points. Why stop the holy crusade against the Export-Import Bank there? Certainly there’s more to cut. Problem is that liberal Democrats like to see the handiwork of government doing something. Populist Liz Warren voted to authorize the bank which makes loans to help large…

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Mark Fisher fades, Charlie’s the man says GOP base

Well folks the primary is over. The real battle begins. Charlie Baker captured 75% of the vote leaving only 25% for Mark Fisher. Who will the conservatives blame now? Did they stay home betraying Mark Fisher? Has the Tea Party grasped reality yet? How much more delusion will they offer in place of the real issues that capture the center…

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