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Hanging chads anyone? Seats still up in the air

(Republicans hold narrow leads in many of these races. – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) The counting continues as provisional ballots arrive. Everyone should really be on guard. Globe:

Across Massachusetts, four races for state representative remained undecided as of Friday, and the wait is on to see whether any of the candidates will seek a recount. “You have to…

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How Baker might govern: “Hayek’s Message for Victorious Republicans”

Hayek’s Message for Victorious Republicans – Bloomberg View. The usually wrong Cass Sunstein writing with a flair for Hayek. The question is: How should the GOP govern on the heels of last Tuesday’s momentous victory? It is tempting to answer by pointing to concrete policy proposals — reducing regulation, promoting free trade, cutting the federal budget. But does any…

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David D’Arcangelo, the only real choice for Secretary of State

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) The Secretary of State is an important constitutional office. Among his many responsibilities, the Secretary of State is an advocate for the citizenry by providing open access to volumes of information critical to effective state government.  The office is also responsible for making sure that every vote counts and it is the…

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