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R.I.P. John O’Mara, Tea Party Patriot (update)

Movement conservatives in Massachusetts and elsewhere are mourning the death of John O’Mara who led the Northborough Tea Party. He died one month shy of his 80th birthday according to reports.  A regular Friday Morning Meeting attendee, John, a conviction conservative, will certainly be missed. Details will be forthcoming but email communication among John’s friends and fellow activists suggests John’s…

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Pushing back at Healey : Exxon Pushes Texas Court to Shut Down Mass AG Probe

This is important so a reproduction of the entire press release is appropriate! Exxon Pushes Texas Court To Shut Down Mass. AG Probe By Jess Davis Law360, Dallas (August 25, 2016, 2:13 PM ET) — Exxon Mobil Corp. told a Texas federal court Wednesday that Massachusetts’ attorney general can’t dispel First Amendment concerns related to its climate change investigation…

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Herald hosts guest writer Mayer who takes on Trump suckerupper Howie Carr 

Credit the Boston Herald with having the gumption to rib Trumprumpshwab Howie Carr. Not long after the bloviating billionaire announced his candidacy the once respectable talk show host has engaged in serial night-walking for Trump. The level has now reached nauseating. No-shame Howie does his best to run interference for the iconic “anti-establishment” real estate developer. He excuses his many…

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One no-so-smart Bushie: Trump can’t hold a candle to Clinton on foreign policy

The great Republican crack-up continues with neo-conservatives thinking that Hillary is a safer option than you-know-who. Hillary and the Obamacons torched Northern Africa, failed to reset with Russia and have made a mess of Syria. The American brand is tarnished beyond the Bush years and into the Obama ones.  But have a candidate like Trump back off the mindless interventionism…

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Not so puzzled by Trump 

Donald Trump barged into the middle of the living room of the conservative movement with the angry grassroots. Depending on one’s point of view, he has become a monumental problem. There are many pieces these days on who created Donald Trump. The ridiculous ones imply that it’s all Obama’s fault. The Democrats’ analysis is even less appealing. Donald Devine,…

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