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The Dudley Declaration

One year ago, we re-established the Dudley Republican Town Committee.  Today, we have over 30 members.  Our membership played an important role in the McKenna Campaign and the local state reps, State Senate, Sheriff and Governor’s Council races throughout Southern Worcester County. One of the first tasks we undertook was to define what our committee believed in. We like to…

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Who Would You Vote For, For State Committee Chair?

(Bumped – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) So imagine your a state committee person and you had to vote for the MA State GOP Chair today… who would you vote for? Some quick choices below :

(feel free to add anyone you feel should be considered in the comments area) Sean Bielet

Jon Golnik

Sam Meas

Mary Z. Connaughton


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Watch for Electoral Fraud this Tuesday!

You would think that in 2010, our basic constitutional right to vote and it's proper recording would be a non-issue. But based upon the September 14th election and serious election irregularities in regards to the Write-In Tally and Recording for Attorney General, I would strongly recommend that poll workers be present in the following cities and towns. Attached are 24…

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Did Martha Coakley give immunity to Dianne Wilkerson?

(Martha has some explaining to do – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) On Sunday October 17, 2010 WCVB will be airing the debate between Martha Coakley and Jim McKenna for Attorney General. The debate can be viewed online now. One of the most controversial parts is the exchange in which Martha Coakley denies having given immunity to Diane Wilkerson.…

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