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Advocate: Create a baby from stem cells?

The Advocate recently (October 2012, don’t know how I missed it) reported on more research on same-sex reproduction: Create a Baby From Stem Cells? Research Suggests Possibility A breakthrough in fertility research lays open the possibility that gay and lesbian couples could someday have children who are completely their own, genetically speaking. Researchers at Kyoto University in Japan have created…

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Addivinola, Stopa, or Tierney? Primary October 15th

(Tom Tierney is a perennial candidate that has been running for congress as either a Democrat or a Republican for 30 + years.  It’s time for him to go away. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Attention folks! We will have a primary on October 15th to pick who will replace Edward Markey in Congress: Frank Addivinola, Mike Stopa,…

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Internet Privacy, Voting Rights, Identity Protection

Congress needs to address all these issues together to effectively protect our rights and liberties and establish boundaries to our information. People shouldn’t need to be a computer geek to be secure in their personal data and avoid identity theft. Everyone has a right to expect their privacy is equally fully protected when they use the internet, and that only…

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