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California can’t go back to those old DP’s

In addition to the speculation about what happens to existing same-sex marriages in California (the options are: turned into the old DP’s, voided, left standing but not ‘recognized’ in California, or, unlikely but suggested by some, still recognized but no new marriages issued), there is also the question of what prop 8 does to DP’s if they want to go…

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Here come the gay couples

Apparently, judging by the language on BMG, losing the state recognition of their relationships as marriages is so terrible as to be completely unacceptable.  They don’t have too many options, but one of them is moving to Massachusetts.  So, time to grab a broom and get those homes that have been on the market for a year looking clean…

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McCain’s peak

Remember when McCain was actually beating Obama in the polls for little while?  McCain chose Sarah Palin on August 29th, and instead of the Democratic convention giving Obama a bounce, McCain enjoyed his highest numbers for the next week, with his greatest gains coming after Palin’s convention speech, which almost beat McCain’s ratings for his acceptance speech.   All we…

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