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Yes, we must negotiate with the Taliban

Just watched the debate (thanks for the link), and I think Jack E Robinson is right and Scott Brown wrong:  we do need to negotiate with the Taliban in order to achieve our objective of ensuring our safety and security from terrorism.  It is not “naive”, and that was pretty condescending and frankly scary of Brown to say that negotiation…

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Use Stimulus for Local Farms

If there is still any Stimulus money available for any projects in Massachusetts, then instead of spending it on repaving roads or building highway interchanges and new bridges, I think a majority of it should be spent to increase our state’s local farming capacity.  We should not only help existing farms stay in business to prevent losing more farmland to…

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New York 23rd Loss

Shouldn’t we be discussing the 23rd District race?  I think Republicans would have kept the seat if they committee had nominated a Republican candidate that was opposed to same-sex marriage from the start, as every Congressman from there had been for the last million years.  How did they pick Scozzafava?  If she wasn’t on the ballot still getting 5% of…

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