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My Email to Judiciary Committee Members

Dear Judiciary Committee members, I have a suggestion for advancing the Transgender Rights bill

currently stalled in the Judiciary Committee. Could the bill be saved by adding a provision stating that “nothing in

the bill implies a right to conceive children as either sex, or to

become physically fully functional as either sex”? Many people have expressed concern that the…

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How Baker/Tisei can win back social conservatives

Richard Tisei’s sponsorship of the Transgender bill is seriously hurting the Republican ticket.  This Worcester Telegram & Gazette editorial expresses people’s concerns about the bill very succinctly: In the absence of clear definitions, H.1728’s broad language could be read to permit anyone – transgender or not – to use whatever public restroom they chose; it appears to limit even First…

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How to help Transgendered people right now

So it looks like the Transgender Bill is stalled in the State House and causing lots of headaches for the Representatives, who are now looking for a way to resolve this.  It also needs to be resolved for the transgendered people who are unprotected, and to save the wasted efforts by activists on both sides of this issue. Well, there…

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