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Coulter: Kristol should resign

Ann Coulter takes a stand on Steele’s “War of Obama’s choosing” comments and officially creates a schism with the Bill Kristol’s and neoconservatives.  She is as good at marginalizing the neoconservative constant-war moonbats as handily as she is at marginalizing neoconservative socially-moderate moonbats. Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele was absolutely right. Afghanistan is Obama’s war and, judging by other…

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Email to Cynthia Creem’s Legislative Counsel

Dear Michael, Thank you for taking my call this afternoon and discussing my suggestion for fixing the Transgender bill and getting it out of study. To reiterate my request to you, I am hoping that the Committee members and/or the Chairperson will all be made aware of the issues I tried to bring to their attention regarding some of the…

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Questions to ask Kagan

I know it’ll never happen, but perhaps the most important and most basic question that Elena Kagan should be asked about her philosophy is if she believes people have a right to reproduce as either sex, or with someone of either sex, or if she believes instead that people only have the right to reproduce as the sex they are…

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