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[hidden comment] *[new] Being approved and allowed to have sex is a right of marriage

There has never been a marriage that was not approved and allowed to have procreative sex and procreate offspring together. Couples that are not allowed to have sex or   procreate offspring together (ie, a sibling, mother-in-law, etc) are never allowed to marry, because procreating…

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Mitt’s pick to run party?

So I read in the Boston Phoenix that Bob Maginn is “Mitt and Scott’s pick to run party.” They even made a nice illustration:

If that’s true, then I have to ask if Maginn thinks people should be allowed to create a child using genetically modified gametes, or with someone of their own sex, something Romney has refused to answer.…

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Site loading way slow?

Rob, there’s something wrong with something on the front page, maybe the scribd thing or the district map or some ad or feed in the side bar. My iphone cannot load it, and my laptop slows to a crawl. Maybe hide more front page content like the scribd thing under the fold? And go easy on the side bar stuff?…

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Suggestion to reduce ES-JH fatigue

Rob, could you make a rule that user comment signatures not mention another user? I think people are annoyed enough with me and ES without having to see my name at the bottom of every comment he makes. It surely creates a fatigue that wears everyone out and annoys everyone even more. I only made that comment once. What do…

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Senator Brown, you can resolve marriage debate

Senator Brown, you are in a unique position to resolve the marriage debate in a way that helps gay families here in Massachusetts and also protects marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Introduce a new bill to compete with Senator Feinstein’s Respect For Marriage Act, which states: “(a) For the purposes of any Federal law in…

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Repeal of DOMA Hearing Set for Nov 3

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has called a hearing for November 3 on California Senator Diane Feinstein’s bill to repeal the U.S. Defense of Marriage Act. Neither repealing DOMA or keeping DOMA is satisfactory, no matter what side of the marriage debate you are on. Keeping DOMA won’t end same-sex marriage, and repealing it won’t help same-sex couples in most…

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