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Lots of videos on Mormon Transhumanism

This guy speaks really slowly, but he does manage to explain Mormon teaching about the obligation to become Gods and achieve immortality. It’s what his Dad taught him, and what Joseph Smith instructed Mormons to do, so it is really implausible that Mitt Romney and Harry Reid don’t also believe it. I’m giving the link to YouTube rather than imbedding…

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Gay marriage requires “significant intervention by scientists”

Update: I’m changing the title from “Is “significant intervention by scientists” a good idea?” and adding this paragraph to make sure people understand the relevance of this story about genomic imprinting to the gay marriage debate. Too many people are ignorant about the legal meaning of marriage, which isn’t just about a couple’s commitment or love for each other as…

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Judge rules state must provide sex-reassignment surgery

Hilariously, the headline editor at the Boston Globe is careful to note in the headline that he committed the murder “as a man.”  Other than that, they refer to him as “her” and applaud the judge’s reasoning. The judge seems to reveal that he already believed it to be a “fact” that it is “medically necessary” even before it became…

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