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“Life At Conception Act” too extreme, harms party

I always thought Rand Paul was a hard core Libertarian, and I’d always thought that Libertarians were social liberals who thought the government should stay out of people’s lives and let people do what they want, including things like drugs, sex, birth control, and even abortion, basically agreed with all the social issues of Liberals, but opposed the big government…

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Catholic Transhumanists too?

So just like there are some Mormons who say that Mormon scripture mandates that Mormons should be Transhumanists, there are some Catholics now making what amounts to the same point about Catholic teaching, perhaps even the Vatican itself. I say “what amounts to” because the stated purpose is very different, but the practical meaning, at this point in time, are…

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Fiscal + Social – Radical = Bio Conservative

I think that equation is the way to create a conservative majority and restore the Republican party. Bio-conservatism merges the sane, moderate parts of fiscal conservativism and social conservatism and has no use for the radical extreme elements that drive most Americans away. Unless you are a Transhumanist, you are already a Bio-Conservative, so the vast majority of people already…

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