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Globe Hides Big Story of Leah Cole’s Resignation

1. an act of retiring or giving up a position.
2. the acceptance of something undesirable but inevitable. I was surprised at the spotty coverage of Peabody State Rep Leah Cole abruptly resigning her seat last week. The Boston Globe story was barely more than her press release, and omitted any mention of HOW she “unexpectedly” won her seat.…

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It”s the Law! Collect the $30 Fornication fine.

Massachusetts General Laws


CRIMES AGAINST CHASTITY, MORALITY, DECENCY AND GOOD ORDER Section 18. Whoever commits fornication shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than three months or by a fine of not more than thirty dollars. This is existing law, We should be collecting that $30 on the Massachusetts tax form, right after the fine for not…

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Kim Davis is doing her job!

She is right that same sex couples don’t have a right to procreate and should not be given the benefits and support or obligations of marriage. She is right, and Chief Justice Roberts is right that marriage is the “right to procreate”, and Donald Trump is right that “Congress can pass a law,” and the majority made a false assumption.…

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Importation of Persons by any means

One of the powers given to Congress in the Constitution is not enumerated in Section 8, because Section 8 powers took effect immediately, and this power was limited in Section 9 for for 20 years (and then never expressly granted, proving implied powers exist in the framer’s minds.)* Sorry, Electric Strawberry has schooled me on this one before: Section 8…

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Bruce Jenner and the last days of Gay Marriage

So has anyone noticed that the issue same-sex marriage is in the news again? SCOTUS is going to tell us if the Constitution requires states to perform or recognize same-sex marriage sometime in June. Counties in Alabama are resisting the federal court order to license same-sex couples for marriage. Ted Cruz is pushing for a federal law to allow states…

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Cabinet choices should be questioned about transgender policy

As Charlie Baker builds his administration and sets its priorities and policies, we should be vigilant about the priorities and beliefs of the people being put in charge of education policy and health policy. Specifically, of course, regarding transgender policy in schools, what Scott Lively referred to as teaching perversion and what ElectricStrawberry says is a bogeyman, but which is…

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