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Solving the Republican Conundrum

I read this article… and while I don’t agree with every postulate it presents the main premise is something to be considered.  

The GOP typically has been attractive to both social conservatives and libertarians and these

two groups often have diametrically opposed views and interests. These comments were  echoed parenthetically by Barry Goldwater Jr last night on Glenn…

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Transportation Reform ?

wbz1030 radio reported this afternoon (amongst the widespread reports of a massive backup on I-93N, 495, and 128 because it was apparently a good time to do bridge work) that our esteemed Sen President Murray assures us that a transportation reform bill will be on the gov’s desk before the impending July 1st toll hikes. Unless it starts with the…

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There’s Barney ready to hand out money again

Well California is facing their budget woes too.  But good old Barney Frank is ready to fork over tax dollars to help them out (even when no else wants to).  Hmmmmm….huge budget crisis….double-digit unemployment….Heavily Democratic State…..Aah  probably just coincidence.… My only regret is I live just outside his district so I can vote for or against Barney.…

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Deval on “Ask the Governor”

Not sure if anyone caught it but I heard Deval  yesterday on wttk.  I gave up listening a couple of years ago when I realized that “Together we can” didn’t mean “I” was part of “We”.  But, for some reason that escapes me I did listen to him yesterday and the one worthwhile thing he did say is that He…

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