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Because you can’t compare anything to Nazi

Why not, Nazi lite: Mussolini,… Maybe there’s another word for it.  But to me (and to some others, for somewhat different reasons), it looks like Trump is selling an updated, Americanized version of old-school Italian fascism that is quite distinct from modern Republican orthodoxy.  And, at least right now, Republican voters are buying it.  That’s an interesting, important, and…

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IRS Profiling

It’s possible but not very likely that it’s a political conspiracy.  The likely scenario is that it’s a case of IRS profiling. Take the 501(c)(4) application.  Applications come in the IRS door for (1) an organization formed to advise, counsel, and assist individuals in solving their financial difficulties by budgeting their income and expenses and effecting an orderly program for…

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The Overreach

The Globe wonders why Patrick has taken so long to roll out the massvie tax increases.  Misses obvious answer: there are so many. Globe reports on the Several Person Protest for Gun Control, front page: Thousands March for Gun Control in Washington. (there were 200 protesters in Boston).  Consider headlines for a conservative rally, say Restoring Honor in 2010 by…

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Leading the Nation in Legal Shakedowns

Facts are these.  Guy owns hotel.  Criminal rents room and sells drugs; gets busted. Government seizes hotel. “The Motel Caswell is a place people go to distribute, buy and use illegal drugs,” federal prosecutor Sonya Rao told a judge. It is a “dangerous property.” … U.S. Attorney Ortiz said through a spokeswoman last week that the government wanted to send…

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Governor Patrick promise robust growth plan to be announced in January

(Really taxes, after the election.  I’m shocked

– promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Oops, scratch that.  He actually said a plan that includes “robust taxes”. By Jan. 7, the administration will deliver a proposal calling for robust taxes and more precisely detailing the gap between what is currently spent and what is needed to bring the state’s roads, bridges,…

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Money in the MTA

Latest published salaries from the Massachusetts Teachers Association: Let me tell you the story

Of a man with money

On a tragic and fateful day

Wrote his union check on monday,

Kissed his wife and family

And mailed it to the MTA Chorus:

Did it ever return,

No it never returned

And its fate is still unlearn’d

It will stay…

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