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Shirley RTC Cigar and Scoth Social

2nd Annual Cigar and Scotch Social

Come Enjoy a Fine Cigar and Premium Scotch

4pm on August 28, 2010

At the Devens Grill

4 Ryans Way, Devens, MA 01432

Come Listen and Talk to Your Candidates for Office


John Golnik

Bob Shapiro

Tom Weaver

Sam Meas

State House:

Connie Sullivan

Sheila Harrington

Kurt Hayes

George Thompson



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To my fellow Republicans Let Us Stand United!

As a proud Republican and supporter of Christy Mihos for Governor I am disappointed in the results.  I felt a primary would have been great for OUR Party and would have made it stronger.  That said the vast majority of convention delegates have spoken, Mihos lost and Baker won.  I will therefore enthusiastically support Charlie Baker for Governor.  Charlie is…

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