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A more up to date Candidate needed for Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

(And you will have one! – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) A more up to date Candidate in needed for Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The current Secretary has been late with detailed Annual Reports… no Annual Report available yet for 2012-2013. Difficult to navigate, the Secretary’s website at for Offices, Divisions needs an update, needs to…

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Decoded stenographic record. Public meeting. Boston City Council.

Boston City Council

Massachusetts By email please send the stenographic record of the public meeting of Boston City Council for Wednesday 20 June 2012, a) as is and, if you would, b) decoded… The decoded stenographic record could be made available for folks with hearing loss, deaf, communications disorders and all interested in the words of Boston City Councilors in…

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Sample/Specimen Ballot posed outside polling places for voters

a) The Sample/Specimen Ballot posted outside the polling place for voters.

Why is the Elections Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts so difficult to get the Sample/Specimen ballot poster from by email before voting?… in case local elections commissions haven’t made the Sample/Specimen Ballot poster available by email or online, on the web. b) Printer of…

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