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Bielat – Barney debate on NECN

Debate Part 1 In part 1, Sean assaults Barney mercilessly over Fannie and Freddie while also pushing the idea that people who have real world experience might be better suited for running the country. Barney repeats his oft-told lie that he has only been for rental housing.   Sean does not let him get away with it and nails him…

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Sean Bielat vs Barney Frank *4 DEBATES SCHEDULED!*

Its hard to imagine Barney agreeing to 4 debates after he already skipped out on one that he had previously agreed to.  BUT, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Here they are: Debate 1:  This coming Monday 10/11, 7-8 AM on WRKO 680AM. Debate 2:  SAME DAY!  6-7PM on NECN TV! Debate 3:  The NEXT DAY…

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Barney Frank: Desperate, or just Ameteurish?

As published in the Washington Examiner, here is part of Barney’s latest fund raising plea!  Footnote numbers and bolding added… Dear David, Earlier this year, I realized that a powerful coalition of right-wing organizations (1) would target me in the upcoming election. Now this has become a reality. My opponent, a virtual unknown in Massachusetts, has suddenly been heavily…

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