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Doing the math on Obamacare signups

The first week has come and gone and the highest estimates that I’ve seen for number of enrollees are like, in the hundreds. So OK, surely the site will improve right? Yes, for sure, it must. But it isn’t improved much today, and they can’t really take it down again until the weekend, so I’m guessing we will lose another…

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The Government Shuts Down

The government shuts down, meaning that all non-essential personnel will be furloughed. Something like 800,000 of them. My question is this: Why is the government do anything non-essential in the first place?…

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Liberals start to come out against the Constitution

In a sense there is nothing I would put past modern leftists, liberals and “progressives”.  In their hearts lies a marxist worldview, an eerie combination of misguided utopian altruism and a sinister will to power.  Those who make it past the disillusionment phase that strikes when they start working for a living, paying taxes, and realizing that people are not…

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