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Film footage for RNC

How amazing to see two convicted ex House Speakers getting a standing ovation at the State House yesterday. What a powerful message to be taken advantage of by our party.

Followed by footage of Diane Wilkerson and Chuckie Turner being sent to the slammer.

This is Ma. today.…

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Inside job

 I went to see this documentary film at the the Community Theatre in Dedham . This is a must see.   An amazing film that  documents the beginning and continuing practices that created the financial meltdown. Should  definetly be seen in more theatres  and television.…

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What do you think??

I was listening to Rush the other day and he said that now he hopes the Bush Tax cuts doesn’t get passed.

He seemed to think it would be better to show what will be the outcome  if taxes do go up.

Then he said something very troubling, if the tax cuts remain, and jobs are not created then Obama…

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