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No casinos yet, but already we’re seeing “best practices” in action

Recall last week in the middle of a revealing Globe article about Pennsylvania’s experience with casino corruption we were treated to this optimistic assessment by pro-casino Senator Stanley Rosenberg (D-Rose Colored Glasses): ” “The good news is we’re state number 37, not number one…That means we get to pick the best

practices all across the country.” Today another front page

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Senate President supports Secure Communities. Publicity stunt!!

Senate President Therese Murray today joined the parade of usual Patrick Administration allies expressing puzzlement at the Governor’s refusal to enact the Secure Communities program to share arrest data with federal immigration authorities.  In her typical, plain-spoken style during a radio interview on WATD, the Senate President eviscerated the Governor’s position with this seventeen word distillation of delicious common sense:…

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Autumn of the Illegal

Remember the ‘Summer of the Shark’?  Those few warm months in the days prior to 9/11 when it seemed every week brought a new horrific news story about some innocent bather munched by a wedge-finned terror from below?  It wasn’t actually the case that the sharks were rising up to take back the oceans; shark attacks just happened to be…

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Facts Schmacts

POST BY DAISY I’d like to share two recent items from the always-interesting files of “don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.” First up is a head-scratching comment from Governor Deval Patrick this morning during his monthly “Ask the Governor” radio appearance on WTKK.  He was responding to a caller who basically accused the Governor…

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Casinos: “The only reason we are doing this”

(Jobs, or Doug Rubin’s need to justify his lobbying contract to Gtech? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) This weekend state Senate President Therese Murray claimed “jobs” as the sole motivator behind the current hell-bent-for-leather push to legalize casino gaming in Massachusetts.  “This is a jobs bill; that’s the only reason we’re doing this,” she said. “If we had…

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A good night in Massachusetts

Yesterday Margery Egan’s column in the Herald – featured with one of that paper’s patented full-front-page splashes – declared “Dem hacks finally get what’s coming.”  Keying off the just-announced criminal indictments of former state Probation head John O’Brien and Tim Cahill’s former chief of staff, Egan marched through a familiar rogues gallery of Massachusetts Democrats who have recently…

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