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CriticalMass Top 10 Reads of the Week (March 18, 2011)

GOP 2012 Theme: American Decline – Jonathan Martin [Politico]
Republican activists in this key presidential state have a dark, foreboding feeling that America is in decline. They believe the nation is hurtling in the wrong direction and, worse, on the brink of losing its unique place in the world. That sentiment is hardly new to American politics, but it’s one…

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There’s a term for this… and it isn’t “economic development”

So yesterday, financial services giant Fidelity announced plans to move roughly 1,000 jobs from Marlborough to Rhode Island and New Hampshire.  But they still employ somewhere around 8,400 people here in the Commonwealth.  Company spokeswoman Anne Crowley made this not-so-subtle point today (from the State House News Service): “We still employ thousands of people here, and have invested hundreds…

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