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What Is So Hard About Solving the Economic Problem?

FULL DISCLOSURE: I do not own any WAMU stock. And, for obvious reasons, this is cross-posted at BLUEMASS. Stimulus, my anatomy! The Democrats want to give away money, and raise taxes to pay for the giveaway. The Republicans want to reduce taxes on the corporations, and reduce payroll taxes for one year. Both are truly STUPID ideas. That’s STUPID, with…

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It’s Time to Dump “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — A Voice Crying in a Different Wilderness

( – promoted by garrett3000) (Cross-Posted on BlueMass) Mon Jan 26, 2009 at 19:46:42 PM EST   President Barack Obama has declared his intention to get rid of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and open the military to gay and lesbian citizens. (,2933,479952,00.html).

The US Census in 2000 provided data that suggest approximately 36,000 gays and lesbians are serving in the…

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Keep the Change, Mr. Obama

( – promoted by Cool Cal) (Cross-Posted at BLUEMASS. We can’t fly on just ONE wing!) Our new Commander-in-Chief is wasting no time reneging on his campaign promises to bring change to Washington: Beltway insiders will populate his new cabinet. And what a stellar bunch they are. To discuss a few: · Tom Daschle, the former speaker of the house,…

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DEMOCRAT Party Hypocrisy? Who’da Thunk?

( – promoted by Cool Cal) FULL DISCLOSURE: Cross-posted (as usual) on Bluemass. We’re talkin’ equal opportunity, here. Headline On This Date 4 Years Ago:

“Republicans spending $42 million on inauguration while troops Die in

unarmored Humvees”…  

  chimpschump :: DEMOCRAT Party Hypocrisy? Who’da Thunk?

Headlines Today:

“Historic Obama Inauguration will cost only $120 million”…

“Obama Spends…

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